Jyota the Shatterspear
Wooo! Everybody! This is Jyota’s mate, Juxt! He is a sexy -shit-. Look at that guy. Loa.

thanks pinkcookiedoedoodles :) 

Wooo! Everybody! This is Jyota’s mate, Juxt! He is a sexy -shit-. Look at that guy. Loa.

thanks pinkcookiedoedoodles :) 

Why does Jyota annoy people?

I haven’t got outtah meh way tah feck wit’ people innah long time. I’d say eet cause I gettin’ moah mature, but I t’ink dat’d be givin’ mehself too mech credit. Seems like eet jest now I have frien’s an’ loved ones tah annoy instead. Dey mech moah convenient.

Does Jyota have a secret crush or someone he'd go after if he is/was single?

Loa, you feckers. Uh..I dunno. I’d probably need some time to be by mehself.

An’ by mehself, I mean feckin’ meh frien’s.

The Tickled Tiki seems to attract a variety of customers. Do you ever get any that you wish would just spontaneously combust?

Hm. Not realleh. If sembodee comes intah meh bar an’ I don’t like dem, I kick deir arses out. 

@ Jyota: When was the last time you felt jealous? Why?

Tch, I get jelly daileh. Prolleh would nevah admit eet, t’ough. I ain’ exactleh dah prettiest muddahfeckah. I also not dah burliest, macho eidah. Meh face be fecked up, an’ when sem pretty Elfeh comes aroun’ an’ starts gigglin’ an’ touching meh mate oah meh close frien’s, I get pissed.

@ Jyota: Have you ever cheated on someone?

I grew up wit’ two muddahs an’ one faddah - he had taken two mates. Dah poly-t’ing jest be how eet works in our cultah. Eet weird tah see dah relationships where evereht’ing be solid-stuck wit’ one anuddah.

Right now, I luv meh mate. If there be sembodee he don’t want me tryin’ tah put eet in, I respect dat. Likewise tah dah vice-versa.

So no, I haven’t.

TMI Tuesday for Jyota If Ya’ll Be Interested

..servers are down and my life is empty.

Scumbag Alert






He just recently changed his history in trying to defend his six hour ERP session with a minor, and claim “I have never ERPed with a minor” yet admit to hugging and kissing them. What a creep.

That’s some profile.


lmfao what is this guy’s deal

I ERPed when I was 17…

when that orc booty goes walking by

when that orc booty goes walking by


Saying that things have been in a bit of a kerfuffle the past several days is an understatement. I can only blame the lack of sleep for many of my decisions and the repercussions thereafter.
There was some miscommunication between Ty and the trolls, when he updated Jyota on my situation during a…


Annexious is back on MG Horde as Sanguinorian.  Update your ignore lists I guess.

My life on Moon Guard.

My life on Moon Guard.

If you’re comfortable with it, write a drabble about our muses doing something naughty. If not, put a strikethrough across this one in your reblog (or simply don’t do it; your blog, your rules ;3).

Jyota stares at Kaz’ji.

Kaz’ji stares at Jyota.

That Shatterspear exhales, rubbing the front of his face as they stand in the pale moonlight of the jungle-hut. The Tickled Tiki had closed and all have gone home with the exception of the two co-owners. 

..and they jerk off together mutually with no eye contact and never speak about it again.


Does your muse like to cuddle after sex? Anything else for aftercare?

Err..usualleh we go at eet fer so long dat eet instant sleep oah we -realleh- late fer semt’ing an’ gotta go. I usualleh end up rutting fer a long time. I be a..versatile mon. When I dominate, I like whoever I dominate to know dat dey can come to meh when dey need comfort. When I..rarely..am taking it up the arse, I do like to feel the same.

I fucking hate one-night-stands.

This is the best porn I’ve ever seen.

This is the best porn I’ve ever seen.